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Welcome to our site.  We are an independent, volunteer society of former elected officials, candidates and campaign activists dedicated to the ideal that more competition on the part of regular people running for public office will improve local governments and enhance community interest in local government making government more responsive to the will of the people.  We conduct a variety of activities within the election process to accomplish this vision, including assisting novice candidates to launch their campaigns.  This voice-of-the-people orientation makes us populist in alignment, but we do not impose an ideological test on the citizen candidates we support.


Independent from affiliations and dogmas

United in our Love for America, Respect for the Constitution, Duty to our Communities

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  • The vast majority of local elected offices are considered nonpartisan.

  • The election process in Washington State is complex and confusing with disparate sources of information and mandates

  • Who is there to help the independent citizen candidate?

Without access to an authoritative source of information and coaching, an uninitiated candidate is at an extreme disadvantage.

It seems that in Washington State, a novice candidate must run twice: first to learn what it means to be a candidate and then run to actually win the office

Dick Pilling, Former Chairman, Clallam County Republican Party

Assistance to candidates RUNNING FOR THE PEOPLE should noT put their independence nor the nonpartisan nature of their office at risk

We are a volunteer society dedicated to improving local government through citizen participation.  We do not charge for our assistance



Jim McEntire

Donnie Hall



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